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I had the best experience at Beach Banya! It felt like a true banya experience. The sauna was nice and hot and the steam room was great for my nose congestion. The venik service felt great as well. Most importantly you are right on the beach and you can run out into the ocean. Overall, the whole experience was very private and relaxing and I will definitely be coming here with my group more often!

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BeachBanya is a private sauna and steam room located on the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk, offering a tranquil experience. The spa perfectly blends the traditions of a Russian Banya with state-of-the-art science and technology, and is a great place to end a hard work day or eventful week.

Banya packages

Individual Packages

1 Person
1 hour - $112

Group Packages

2 People
2 hours - $224

Group Packages (2)

3 - 8 People
2 hour - ( $268 ~ $448 )
(Available only on Mon - Fri at 9AM to 2PM)

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