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Benefits of Venik during your sauna visit

The venik is a massager made from a bundle of small dry branches tied together. Depending on the type of branches, the venik can be used to give a kind of massage in the Russian banya.

The most popular plant for the production of veniks is sorghum. It is only necessary to take the branches, dry and tie them. They are then turned upside down, with the soft, tiny herbs at the bottom, and the venik is ready for use.

A good venik should look more like a fan than a sweeping tool.

Veniks are used to bring up the heat and give a good massage to the body. It is considered very healthy.

For the bath and the body

Experienced banya visitors use the venik as the second part of the bathing procedure. First, they enter the steam room to open all the pores of their body and cleanse themselves of toxins. Then they take a shower.

During this time, the veniks soak in a small tub of water. Then, after a short rest, the attendants return to the steaming room and begin to whisk.

It is recommended to maintain a horizontal position in the steaming room during the massage with venik. In this way, the warm air will be evenly distributed over the body.

Massages with venik

When massaging someone with venik, try to gently stroke along the spine, legs and chest. Practitioners recommend making circular movements before the stroke – this concentrates the heat around the body, increasing the massage’s effect.

Venik massage stimulates blood circulation in the body. In addition, it produces a substance that kills harmful bacteria.

After the steam room with venik, there is nothing better than soaking in a cold water pool. The temperature difference will give you an immediate blood rush and keep you in a good mood for a long time afterward.

Types of bath veniks

Birch venik:

Dried birch leaves are good for a massage after a workout. They also heal wounds faster and are an exceptional remedy for bronchitis patients.

Oak venik:

Good for blood pressure. Recommended for those whose skin tends to sweat more than usual.

Eucalyptus venik:

Popular in southern Russia. It is a good treatment for those who suffer from a runny nose and sore throat.

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