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The Benefits of a Russian Banya

The banya has notable benefits of its partakers ranging from social attributes to those dealing primarily with the patron’s health. First, exposure of someone’s body to steam or heat has some effect and is beneficial during the cold periods or flu. The banya has several health benefits particularly throughout the spring season. Many Russians are aware of this and visit the banya in large numbers to stay fit, remain healthy, and to keep away from calamitous and detrimental viruses. The banya is a preferred way of healing for many Russians, vital for their long lives and good health. 

The Russian people because of their steam baths were able to keep themselves healthy and hardly fell ill during the cold and flu seasons. Consequently, Russians termed banya as the first medicine. There is varying evidence that banya has health prophylactic benefits. A 2016 study conducted in Finland, involving middle-aged men above thirty-years-old, reported that frequent sauna sessions corresponded to fewer instances of cardiac deaths and an overall reduction in cardiovascular illnesses. Likewise, Dr. Adam Rindfleisch reported that more sauna sessions equated to long lifespans (The Bath House, n.p). According to these studies, steam baths as it is the case with the banyas is a beneficial practice in the health of people suffering from heart problems. Correlatively, frequent sessions in banyas helped reduce cardiac deaths and illness among the Russian people. It also increased their lifespan thus acting as an anti-ageing medication. 

Another health benefit of banya concerns the musculoskeletal system. Banya is beneficial to individuals recovering from injuries, those with arthritis, and rheumatic fever. Banyas are also helpful in eliminating pain and most people visit it after exercise whenever they experience sore or stiff muscles. Most athletes have incorporated ice baths and heat baths into their training particularly in the recovery process after their own injuries. Athletes have learned to embrace the concept of steam baths in their training, as it is perceivable to help in muscle relaxations. From this understanding, as athletes and other important figures believe in the uses and the presence of banyas for their own doing, it should be understood that this is an important health implementation that can benefit hundreds of thousands of individuals in and around the country. 

Moreover, many people utilize banyas for the weight loss and detoxification process because it normalizes the functioning of the sweat glands. This is known to slow down the aging process, which can include the process and development of wrinkles in the human body sort of speak. 

Regular visits to the banya coupled with exercising and eating a good diet ensure that one maintains healthy body weight. The banya in this case serves as a physical fitness and health wellness platform. The exposure of the heat baths in the banya facilitates the dilation of the capillaries hence allows the blood to flow freely and smoothly around the body making it oxygenated. Banyas also opens and clears the respiratory pathways by unblocking the sinuses and ensuring that breathing takes place freely. Besides, the heat generated in the banya stimulates an artificial fever that culminates in the arousal of the respective immune system (The Bath House, n.p). This is why banyas are commonly used to help eradicate the common cold, asthma, and other respiratory complications because most viruses do not survive the high heat conditions present. 

Finally, banyas contribute to body relaxation, which is important, especially for those who are dealing with stressful times in their lives. A visit to the banya is beneficial both mentally and physically. Most people visit banyas with family and friends and therefore which helps to improve their mood. Banyas prove a refuge from the common life pressure intensities through connection with nature. Within the heat rooms, there is no space for social media or mobile phones. One will come out of the banya relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed mentally and physically.