The Use of Venik And Oak Leave Treatments

The Use of Venik And Oak Leave Treatments

For the bathhouse culture, the use of the “venik” for a massage is for those who truly want to immerse themselves in the Russian Banya experience.

The venik is a broom made from dried tiny branches that are tied together. These tiny branches can either be made ranging from birch and oak to eucalyptus and juniper twigs. Primarily, the development of the venik is to assist with both muscle and joint pain. The twigs can also be used in accelerating healing

Venik is used for our Oak Leaves Treatments and Birch and Eucalyptus Treatments. Treatments are available with every appointment at the BeachBanya

For the Oak Leaves Treatment, the bunches of oak are softened in warm water within the sauna. Then the broom is used in a form of whacking motion to the back of the individual. This rhythmic motion is a popular treatment that removes toxins and residue from the body.

Our Birch and Eucalyptus “veniks” are the most common tree twigs used in our banya and are placed in the sauna. The steam of the banya and the aroma of the venik open and clear the respiratory system, unblocking your sinuses and helping you to breathe more freely. Intensive sweating removes toxins and waste substances from the body and the venik massage removes dead skin.  This normalises the functioning of the sweat glands, which, in turn, slows the development of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

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